Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: Sante Cosmetics

                                       Hi! Today, I have for you, a review of Sante Cosmetics
                                           I'll be reviewing several products, so here we go!

Pure colors of nature 

SANTE Natural Cosmetics presents a new extraordinary assortment of decorative cosmetics: incomparably beautiful colors on a natural basis. The high-quality formulations with vegetable oils and extracts while gentle care and ensure optimal compatibility, even with very sensitive skin. For a naturally beautiful makeup, do your skin good. 

Experience the beauty of nature in a unique color palette for each type: young, fresh and trendy. Discover the "pure colors of nature" by Sante natural cosmetics. 

Tested Quality "Made in Germany" 

The new line of decorative cosmetics SANTE Natural cosmetics are developed and manufactured in Germany: from the careful selection of raw materials through the manufacturing process according to the strictest quality criteria to all the extensive testing before the products come to you. 

Here is a list of things I received:
Compact Powder No. 01
Eyeshadow Trio No. 01
Rouge No. 03
Lipstick No. 05
Lipstick No. 11
Eyeshadow Stick No. 02
Lip Duo Contour and Gloss No. 01
Kajal Eyeliner No. 04
Mascara Perfect Definition No. 05

Let's start with the powder. I've used it several times, and I really enjoy it. It goes on very smooth, and has a lovely finish. Unlike most powders that I've tried, this one is very silky, while others sometimes tend to have a chalky feeling.

The eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. They are incredibly smooth, and blend like a dream. Sante offers a variety of colors, and I must admit, I need them all. When you find good quality shadows, you stick with them.

I really liked the blush. But I noticed quite quickly, that you can't be heavy handed. It is intensely pigmented, so you have to tread lightly. The first time I tried it, I ended up looking semi clown like. Lucky for me, it can be blended out fairly easily. Sante offers three different color options. The two that I did not try look equally as gorgeous as No. 03.

Both lipsticks I tried were fantastic. Beautiful colors, creamy, and long lasting.

The eyeshadow stick was just okay for me. To me, the texture was a little hard. But, once I got it on, it looked great. The only problem was, it didn't stick around very long. I tried alone, as well as with a base. Even with the base, it had smudge off within an hour.

I really enjoyed the Lip Duo Contour and Gloss. The liner side went on smoothly, and made a precise line.
And the gloss felt very creamy and moisturizing. I'll be checking out the other colors soon.

Kajal Eyeliner- I liked this as well. It created a smooth line, and was perfect for smoking out a look. Easily blendable and great color payoff.

And finally, the mascara! Here is where I tell you that I am an absolute mascara junkie. It is my go to product. I liked this mascara. It lengthened my lashes, and make them look full. My lashes were defined, and not clumpy at all. After a few hours of wear, I did notice a small amount of flaking, but it wasn't so significant that I would say I didn't like the product.

And that's it! I hope you all decide to give Sante Cosmetics a try!
I've included some swatches below!

Have a great day!

*Products provided for review purposes. I am not being compensated. All opinions are 100% my own.

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